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Longinus Spear Quest RAGNAROK

Quest Item Requirements:
- 2 Hammer of Blacksmith
- 1 Emperium Anvil
- 1 Illusion Flower
- 20 Gold
- 30 Phlogopite, 30 Pyroxene, 30 Rose Quartz

Ragnarok Level Requirement: 
Base Level 70 +

1. Talk to Bill Thayer in Aldebaran (aldebaran 178 239). He’ll tell you that he was once a great forger.

2. Go to (niflheim 240,193) and talk to Keyron

3. Go back to Bill Thayer in Aldebaran. You’ll make him remember of his dead son.

4. Go back to Niflheim, talk to Keyron and answer hes question (You are helpless.)
REMEMBER : (don't forget to use "point" at end of the words of your answer)
5. In return, they would make a weapon for you. Since he’s already dead, they’ll ask you to collect : 
2 Hammer of Blacksmith, 1 Emperium Anvil, 1 Illusion Flower, and 20 Gold.

6. Give him the items that he asked but he still can’t remember the special ores that you need.

7. Go back to Bill Thayer in Aldebaran. He will mention to you the ingredients you needed.
REMEMBER : (if he asked you to bring 30 Peridot, 30 Turquoise, 30 Agate,
you better cancel the Quest then use other char to repeat the Quest.
because, if you bring the items, which you will receive later is "Great Axe or Guillotine" NOT Longinus Spear.)

8. if he asked you to bring 30 Phlogopite, 30 Pyroxene, 30 Rose Quartz, then you're going to get the Longinus Spear or Brionac 
(depending on your lucky day to get Longinus Spear ^_^)

Last Step:
You need to play Rock, Papers, and Scissors and have to win 2 out of 3 games. 
This is a pretty tough step and will only depend on your luck. If you lose, the NPC will take 30 special ores and you will need to recollect again and then try this step again. if you succeed, you’ll get a random Weapons (Longinus Spear or Brionac) 


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