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This quest is pretty simple and quick to do(except the sharp paper part =X)
Its all about becoming a Shy Guy Organization(?) in order to get the hat.

Each member will give you hints about where are the other members.

The first npc is behind the shaking hands in Prontera
external image 1.jpg

“Everybody using masks”=Umbala
external image 2-1.jpg

“Heat”=Morroc. This is npc is on moc_fild12(Morroc South)
external image 3-1.jpg

“Tropical Island”=Skull Island(don’t know the name for that one =D) To get there get a warp to Bibilan Dungeon and enter in the warp just above you. The NPC is hidden under a tree.
external image 4-1.jpg

“Thick Smog”=Einbroch. Once you are in einbroch by warp girl go a little to west and you will find a building, enter it.
external image 5-1.jpg
This one isn’t going to give you the location. You will have to find his locked brother.

“Coffin”=Niflheim. The npc is a coffin on northwest
external image 6-1.jpg
You will need a Hammer[2] to complete this step. It can be bought on Niflheim weapon shop

external image 7-1.jpg
Once you have got the Hammer[2] talk to the coffin again. This will “break” the coffin and release the guy. Go back to the Einbroch member. He will give you the location of the next npc.

“Royal Origame Folder”=Amatsu Palace.
external image 8.jpg

Once you are in the castle go upstair TWICE and enter in the middle “box”.
external image 9.jpg

She will ask you for some ingredients.
75x Sharp paper
25x Worn Out Page
20x Hard Feeler
40x Sticky Mucus

Once you get the items give them to her and she will give you the Brown Paper Bag Hat.

original source by : http://wiki.talonro.com

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