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Legendary Avian Wings
Please take a note that you have to be Forsaken Knight to be able to do this quest!

Reflect 13% of all Physical Melee Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it.
Increase resistance to [property depends on wing element] by 8%.
Increase damage from [property depends on wing element] property attacks by 5%.
Maximum HP + 5%.

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Item Requirements Part I

800 Feather of Birds (916)
400 Soft Feather (7063)
250 Harpy Feather (7115)
250 Peco Peco Feather (7101)

Item Requirements Part II

For Shadow Avian Wings:
250 Rune of Darkness (7511)

For Water  Avian Wings:
250 Aquamarine (720)

For Earth  Avian Wings:
250 Wooden Heart (7189)

For Wind  Avian Wings:
250 Cloud Crumb (7162)

For Fire  Avian Wings:
250 Burning Heart (7097)

For Holy  Avian Wings:
200 Holy Water (523)

For Poison  Avian Wings:
250 Toxic Gas (7322)

For Ghost Avian Wings:
250 Fabric (1059)

original source by: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum 

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