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Forsaken Dungeon Pass

Enables you to warp to Forsaken Dungeon
Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part I a
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    Talk to the Miner and choose 'Why Not,' then enter the portal
for_fild01 241 20

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part I b

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for_fild01 241 20 
Item Requirements
Posted Image 75 Enriched Elunium
Posted Image 75 Enriched Oridecon
Posted Image 60 Green Charmstones
Posted Image 50 Mithril Ore
Posted Image 50 Gold Ore
Posted Image 50 Silver Ore

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part II

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    Kill a Pitman to get an Old Pick

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part III

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    Find the Minerals hidden throughout the map

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part IV

for_mine01 13 134
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Experiment with directions until you find the weak point

Once you find the weak point, continue to click that direction until you break through
Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part V

 for_mine01 13 134
 Posted Image
    Continue to choose beat until the Old Pick breaks

    Forsaken Dungeon Pass Quest - Part VI
for_fild01 241 20
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    Once you have all the required items, talk to the Miner

You will then receive a Forsaken Dungeon Pass!

original source by: http://www.forsaken-ro.net 

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